Learn Along 1: Casting On – Learning Loom Knitting

Last week we started our very first “Learn Along” here on the Daylilies Blog. We learned what loom knitting was and how it can be used and then we got to the business of finding ourselves a loom. (Instructions were posted if you want to make your own, but I ended up buying myself a plastic one for now.)

Okay. So now that we are caught up, let’s get started knitting! I must say that even after I did a lot of reading about loom knitting, I was a little skeptical that this loom – this little piece of plastic and some wool – was going to produce anything that looked good. After working ahead a little, I am VERY pleasantly surprised. But I digress – let’s learn to cast on first before we get too far ahead of ourselves!

There are two ways to use a rectangular knitting loom – for single knitting (one-sided) or for double knitting (no wrong side). I do know that some of you are wanting to knit only single knitting, and others are looking to do some double knitting, so over the next few days, we will learn how to cast on both ways. Today, let’s start with double knitting (there is no real reason why I started here, except that the double knitting instructions were the first ones I picked up this morning).

Loom knitting is all about winding the wool around your loom in the right manner. That is it. (Really – it is that easy.) And the cast on is the hardest part. (So once we get past this, the rest should be easy-peasy, right?)

Take your bulky wool (or 2 strands of medium weight wool together) and wrap it once around the end knob on your loom- the lonely knob off to the side and away from the others – to keep your wool tension tight. Then, following the diagram below, wind your wool around the pegs (make sure your yarn follows the arrows – I found it seemed kind of backwards at first, but eventually it seemed less awkward). Don’t worry about how many stitches to cast on at this point, let’s just cast on 12 or so just to get the feel of how this whole thing works. Starting left to right on the loom:

Loom Knitting Cast on Row 1 Diagram by Daylilies

Okay. This is your first pass across the loom. And now, we have to go back the way we came – this time from right to left. (Don’t move your loom or turn it around in any way. The loom stays the way it is, we just wind the wool back the way we came.) I found that the winding the yarn at the end of the row was tough, but I just followed the arrows, and tried not to think about it too hard, and it really wasn’t as confusing as I originally thought it was.

Loom Knitting Cast on Row 2 Diagram by Daylilies

Clear as mud yet? I am living proof that if you can follow the arrows, you can cast on for loom knitting. If you have any questions so far, either comment below or email me directly. Tomorrow we cast on for single knit loom knitting.

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5 thoughts on “Learn Along 1: Casting On – Learning Loom Knitting

    • The upper right peg is really only wrapped twice to hold the string in place while you are lifting the bottom loops over – if you feel you need to hold it at all. Otherwise, no. The upper right peg is the only peg that isn’t wrapped twice.

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