My Final Thought on Looped Yarn

Well…. my final thought on looped yarn actually turns out to be not so final. I started out this project intrigued. Then the intrigue turned into a little bit of shame as I understood how the hard working women of Papua New Guinea use this little known art form as a way of life (and […]

A Twist on ‘Twisting Yarn’!

I still can’t give up. I really don’t know why… I haven’t found any sort of application for the looped yarn (or twisted yarn) that I really am fond of, except for maybe the obvious lace trim, but I am still intrigued by the whole idea of the craft. That, and it really sorta bugs […]

Lessons in Looped Yarn

It definitely takes a stiff yarn to really do looping yarn projects any justice. I could stop there – this is really the most important lesson I have learned in working with the whole idea of looped yarn: If you want a piece of fabric that is serviceable at all when you are done, then […]

Ending the Suspense (…if there ever was any to begin with)

Without further ado, here is the end of the instructions for the looped yarn fabric that I wrote about here. (The beginning of the instructions can be found by clicking here.) (And this is where I insert a HUGE apology – this should have been posted a lot sooner, but I just now found that […]

So Now What?

Okay…. I haven’t mastered the whole looped yarn basic stitch yet, but I am very familiar with it.  And now that I have got the basics under my belt (so to speak), my next question, as always, is…  so now what? This is a really loaded three word question. What I really mean is… why […]

Give It a Try… Looped Yarn!

Okay…. I said I would give you some sort of instructions so that you can try this whole idea of twisted or looping yarn yourself… so I got out my yarn and my spacer bars and repeated what I did to make my piece of twisted yarn fabric (just to make sure that I knew […]

I’m More than a Little Surprised…

Wow! This whole looping string thing worked out much better than I could have ever expected when I started this little endeavour! The first time I tried it, if you can remember back that far, I had very little success and a whole lot of exasperation. This time, however, things went really, really, really well. […]


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